JUNE 25, 2020 – Zoom Panel Discussion on The Future of Policing in North Texas.

If you did not get to watch this discussion, you can watch it here.


The North Texas Jewish Democratic Council
Reception for
Justin Nelson, Democratic Nominee for Texas Attorney General

September 5, 2018

Justin Nelson is an active member of the Jewish community and a native Texan who will restore integrity and the rule of law to the Texas Attorney General’s office. Justin is a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a partner at Susman Godfrey, and adjunct professor at the University of Texas Law School. Justin can win this race. A recent poll shows Justin in a virtual tie with his opponent, indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton.





NTJDC Meets with Beto O’Rourke

On August 14, Richardson was the site of one of the largest political rallies in recent North Texas history. More than 2,500 people attended the Beto O’Rourke Town Hall meeting at Richardson Civic Center. This event was initially organized by the North Texas Jewish Democratic Council, but as the size of public interest continued to rise, the event sponsorship was transferred to the Beto campaign. The steering committee of the North Texas Jewish Democratic Council was invited to a private meeting with the candidate prior to his taking the stage before the assembled crowd.

During this private meeting, the candidate discussed several issues of particular concern to the Jewish community with regard to Israel. Beto underscored his belief that the Us-Israel relationship is the pillar of US policy in the entire Middle East, and a joint commitment to democratic principles is the key to that relationship. When asked about his vote in Congress regarding the Iron Dome Defense system, O’Rourke provided his answer. A resolution was submitted on the last day of the session, authorizing a military expenditure of $250,000,000, without discussion or debate. An authorization of that size, said O’Rourke, should be examined and discussed no matter what nation or government agency was the recipient. He felt it was his Congressional duty to vote no on the resolution until discussion was possible, and his questions answered. Beto said that this was his only no vote regarding Israel, and he hoped that his explanation made sense to the committee members. Another member asked why he undertook a J Street mission to Israel, but did not travel with an AIPAC mission. His response was simply that J Street asked him to attend, and AIPAC did not.

Beto finished this meeting with the steering committee by re-emphasizing his total commitment to the security of Israel, while also suggesting that a two-state solution might be the only viable solution to the continuing domestic tensions in Israel.

The overwhelming consensus of the steering committee was that Beto answered all questions with an openness and well-reasoned response. He received a standing ovation at the conclusion of this private meeting before proceeding to a capacity crowd in the general assembly hall and two additional overflow rooms.

After our meeting, we had front row seats.




Photos from the Primary Run-Off Forum, April 26, 2018



Photos from January 22nd Candidate Forum


Lupe Valdez, candidate for Governor
spoke at January 22nd, 2018 Meeting

After Sheriff Valdez, candidates in the following races will also spoke.

  • U.S. Congressional District 32
    • Colin Allred
    • Ed Meier
    • Lillian Salerno
    • Brett Shipp
    • George Rodriguez
  • U.S. Congressional District 3
    • Sam Johnson
    • Lorie Burch
    • Adam Bell
  • Texas Senate District 8
    • Brian Chaput
    • Mark Pharris
  • Texas Senate District 16
    • Joe Bogen
    • Nathan Johnson

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OUR FIRST MEETING was held on October 29th, 2017 at Robert Franklin and Lenna Webb’s home.

Nationally recognized Jewish organizer, Marc Stanley was the featured speaker. He gave us  an overview of the new organization in which he is involved, The Jewish Democratic Council of America.

After giving his view of the past election and what he sees as how Jews can mobilize to work to influence the 2018 and 2020 election, he took numerous questions from the audience.

Janice Schwarz talked about upcoming events and invited anyone interested in becoming part of the leadership committee to contact her. The Organizational Committee will continue to work on the structure and how the group can further organize and educate our members.

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